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Return To India (R2I)

Emerald Relocations welcome all Indians returning to India (r2i) after long stay abroad, projects, employment etc, with lots & lots of happiness and our valuable services coupled with reliability...

International Relocation

Emerald Worldwide Relocations is dedicated to the continued development of a worldwide network of quality domestic & international partners. We want to help you service your international forwarding needs...

Pet Relocation

When a family relocates, be it locally or across continents, arrangements involved with pet relocation are often stressful, if not traumatic. Some levels of confusion, stress, and anxiety are to be expected...

Long-Term / Short-Term Storage
Household effects sentimentally attached and worth handling with care.

Emerald Relocations provide you with cost effective storage facility services for long term & short term warehousing requirements.
Using appropriate storage boxes, items will be packed and stored in climate-controlled conditions. A detailed labeling and tracking system facilitates easy retrieval.

To provide maximum safety and security to your precious items, our warehouse is also fully protected with modern fire detection devices, round-the-clock security, constant maintenance and pest control programmes.

  • Competitive price combined with acceptable services, no pain and no hidden cost. My personal goods move from Detroit to Chennai very well taken care of - Muruganandham, Hewlett Packard.
  • Good natured people & efficient system in place resulted in good services. I recommend this company, closing my eyes, to anyone.
    Rajesh Gulati - NJ to Dehradun.
  • Excellent service all the way through, a never say no attitude.
    Daniel Smith – Chennai / London.
  • Highly professional team. Nice to see hard work done with a pleasing smile.
    Martin Nielsen – Bangalore / Copenhagen.
  • Very professional and great care for even minute items. Keep up the good work.
    Ms. Cynthia - Import client from Australia.
  • Very pleased with your service. Follow up phone calls, confirmation letter, confirmation phone call the day before and finally with scheduling, very professional and pleased with myself that I went with your company.
    Arvind Subramanian - Dubai to Chennai.
  • Very good service and polite staffs. Keep it up.
    Ms. Sripriya – Chennai / Singapore.
  • I am impressed by your team’ professionalism.
    Parthiv Shukla – Import client from UAE.
  • Very helpful and able to work with customer on their needs and requirements.
    Firoz Ali Khan – Bangalore / Toronto.
  • You guys are terrific. We are very happy with each one of them and their hard work. The clearance and delivery part went very smooth. We have already referred you to others.
    Major Krishnan – Import client from the UK.